Posted by: Ms. Daryl Wood | June 3, 2010

Doing Less, Being More

It’s taken me a long time to realize that the harder I work at trying to figure things out, the more exhausted I get and the less likely I am to get the results I want. Quite simply, I need to let go, surrender. My brain isn’t used to that and it feels somewhat contradictory to someone who loves solving puzzles of the mind.

So today I reconfigured the “meditation” nook in the cluster of trees near the water’s edge. It’s been waiting for some attention and I’ve been stuck in my head planning and deciding. Today I just did something and it has turned out better than I could have guessed. I put quotes around the word meditation because while it does suit that purpose it could also be called a nook for contemplation, reflection, reading, journalling or just being. Indeed, being is much more appealing to me as the days and weeks of my life march on. My understanding of the need to live in harmony within myself is a lot sharper than it has been. Middle age does that for you.

So as I plan my fall retreats I am committed to ensuring the space and opportunity for my guests to do less and be more. As they cross the threshold into my sanctuary of healing they give themselves the gift of knowing themselves on a deeper level. It is a brief pause in the busyness of life as most of us know it. And … today, I’m taking that for myself.

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