Posted by: Ms. Daryl Wood | June 29, 2010

The Power of Deep Connection

For 12 days I bathed in the energy of my Wild Boar Leadership Tribe. I started with one, eased into two and then blossomed quickly into 15 of us. At any given time there was an air of possibility, expectation, emergence and edgy calling forth. This is our language. Language that we have come to embrace for what it means to us on a deep, soul connection level.

We are up to something in this world. It is yet to be clearly defined and I would say it may never be. While having a sharp focus that can easily be articulated might be useful in explaining ourselves to others, what makes this group so intriguing is their ability to “feel” what is in the “space”, listen beyond word or sound and ultimately go where we are sent.

The power of our deep connection gives us the safety and confidence to take on global challenges and small quests. And we are not exclusive. Gently, with reverence and genuine appreciation, we open our hearts to anyone who slips into step with us. We are committed to serving; serving our planet; serving humankind; serving the divine. We do it in many different ways and we do it with the full knowledge that we are being called, always, to a greater need than our own. It’s awesome; awe inspiring.

So what does all this mean? Stay tuned. As we use the energy of this past week in the sacred lands of Tobermory on the tip of the Bruce Peninsula we spread out like waves (sometimes soothing, sometimes wildly excited) into the world. Make no mistake we are here to awaken those who invite us in. We are here to transform the consciousness of those who want to understand. We are not here to fix. We are here to share.

We are Wild Boars and we are here … now.

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