Posted by: Ms. Daryl Wood | July 3, 2010

Marketing Manipulation

I’m taking a risk here and somehow I don’t think I can live peacefully with myself unless I say something. I may invite criticism or rejection and right now, I am determined to listen to myself.

Yesterday, after much consideration I decided to lower the cost of my September Retreat. Reworking my calculations I found a way to save some money AND I adjusted my fee. Why? Because I want the experience to be accessible; affordable. Of course I need to make money to feel fairly compensated for my efforts and I will be. I also know that I can offer the same powerful retreat experience for a different price.

The Marketing Manipulation piece opened up when I came up with the new cost: $610.00. Almost immediately I thought “I can drop that to $599 or $595 because it sounds like less.” Suddenly I realized I was usually a tactic that is so commonplace most of us probably take it for granted. By asking for $595 or $599 I’m saying “Look at this – it’s under $600 – what a deal”. Honestly I think that most people would read either of those numbers and think “Okay, it’s $600 bucks”. So why not just say it? Why not be honest? In some ways there is a sense that using this angle says “I don’t think you’re smart enough to see through my attempts to convince you this is cheaper than you think.” God, how arrogant and condescending. And now every marketing person is rolling their eyes and discounting me as naive or ignorant. That’s fine. I’m not attached to being accepted by everybody!

I’m tired of what feels like manipulation to me. I realize that I may not be as successful as other people because I don’t take advantage of smart, little tips to market or promote myself and my work. So be it. Everywhere I look in this world someone is spinning something. It’s hard to avoid.

For me, I feel a need to “come clean”. I’m lowering my price because I want eight women to come to the September Women’s Wisdom Retreat and see themselves in the most amazing light. I want them to change what isn’t working, celebrate what is and go back into their world with confidence. I KNOW what can happen here and I see it over and over and over again. My biggest challenge is getting that message out in an honest way; a conscious, respectful way that says “I trust you’ll know this is right for you.” I’m working on it.

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