Posted by: Ms. Daryl Wood | January 31, 2023

We’ll See

Some of you may have heard me share the old Chinese fable about a farmer, his son and a prized horse. I am reminded of this today as I woke up feeling sad that a much anticipated visit from a beloved friend has to be postponed because of, again, weather. It’s been several years since we saw each other and plans were in place until a polar vortex brought snow and ice. I sat in the sadness for a couple of hours and then slowly emerged into a new perspective: What if this works out better in the end? Of course for both of us not travelling airports and highways in bad weather is a plus. But beyond that, I am certain there is some shining light that will emerge. It’s too early to say what that is but my husband is suiting up in winter gear for a walk in lovely park. Maybe that’s where the miracle is waiting. I’m staying alert!

In the meantime, for those who don’t know the story, or those who just want a refresher, here it is:

“A farmer and his son had a beloved horse who helped the family earn a living. One day, the horse ran away and their neighbours exclaimed, “Your horse ran away, what terrible luck!” The farmer replied, “Maybe so, maybe not.”

A few days later, the horse returned home, leading a few wild horses back to the farm as well. The neighbours shouted out, “Your horse has returned, and brought several horses home with him. What great luck!” The farmer replied, “Maybe so, maybe not.”

Later that week, the farmer’s son was trying to break one of the horses and she threw him to the ground, breaking his leg. The neighbours cried, “Your son broke his leg, what terrible luck!” The farmer replied, “Maybe so, maybe not.”

A few weeks later, soldiers from the national army marched through town, recruiting all boys for the army. They did not take the farmer’s son, because he had a broken leg. The neighbours shouted, “Your boy is spared, what tremendous luck!” To which the farmer replied, “Maybe so, maybe not. We’ll see.”


  1. I don’t know what I would do without this story. I repeat the words “we’ll see” to myself on the regular.

    Always love the reminder!!!!


    Wendy Pauls Life Coach Cell: 519-590-7301


    • Yup. We are aligned on that one Wendy.

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