Posted by: Ms. Daryl Wood | April 17, 2009


This morning I’m holding the space of love and possibility. That’s my compass point and what will be my guiding intention. Deciding now, will impact how my day unfolds and that matters a lot to me. Not just today, but every day. Setting a clear focus for how I want to be with the world rather than defaulting and reacting. Today I am requiring more of myself so I can be who I want to be in my life and my community.

Almost twelve years ago I set foot on this land – the beautiful Bruce Peninsula slicing through Lake Huron and Georgian Bay – and I fell in love with it. Today, I take the next step in creating possibilities for a regenerated, resilient community. I’m emotional, excited, a wee bit nervous and so glad my colleagues Ariane and Leslie will meet my local partner Judy and our band of committed neighbours to launch this journey.

Right now, as the lake begins to reflect the glow of the sun thinking about rising over the tree line, I can see the ducks gliding across the bay in a picture perfect image. It’s not always like that here. There are days of struggle for those who were born and raised on these sacred lands at the tip of the Niagara Escarpment. And for some who have come home to raise families there is the challenge of how to survive in what has been a seasonal village. That will change this weekend as we gather, connect, share and learn. It has started with a small group of passionate neighbours and word spread quickly. Margaret Mead said Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

And … we have a firm stake in the ground. We are here for the social, economic and environmental health of Tobermory. Having a stake will help us remember why we are doing the things we do and give us a place to return to when we get lost in disagreements or hit obstacles.

Before I dove into this deeper conversation a few weeks ago I had a full time job as a Certified Life Coach, an Author, Retreat Owner and Transformational Life and Leadership Facilitator. Now, I am so much more. I am a community activist. I am a champion of humanity. For the past year I have been immersed in an international Leadership program where we continuously talked about the changes we could make in the world.

Today, I am starting at home by helping to change what isn’t working right here, on my doorstep.

The sun is just cresting the tops of the old cedar trees and the geese have begun honking to get the day started. A ripple has started to cross the lake and I feel, a ripple is moving through my little town of Tobermory. I don’t want to be anywhere else on earth. I love this place and this place is where possibility lives.


  1. Dear Daryl, I am sitting here reading your post with tears. Leslie and Ariane are on the way to Tobermory, I am so excited for what you ladies are up to. When I close my eyes, I visualize the group of you lead the town travel down/up to the “U”. I wish I could be there witness and participant. I cannot wait to visit the beautiful land of Tobermory again, especially as I know something transformational is happening. Maybe in the summer, when you have the next community event, I will be there with you. Love, Jing

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